Stages of Development of Consciousness

The Stages of our Development of Consciousness (1) show our souls developmental history. It is a path from Stage 1 that shows our growth as a result of many, many reincarnations. What stage do you think you are at?

Stage 6. Sensitivity to others and the environment; feelings and caring (in response to the cold rationality of Stage 5); harmony and equality; reconciliation, consensus, dialogue, participation, relationships and networking; human development, bonding and spirituality; diversity and multiculturalism; relativism and pluralism; freeing the human spirit from greed, dogma, and divisiveness; distributing the earth’s resources and opportunities equally among all.

Stage 5. Progress, prosperity, optimism, and self-reliance; strategy, risk-taking, and competitiveness; goals, leverage, professional development, and mastery; rationality, objectivism, demonstrated results, technology, and the power of science; use of the earth’s resources to spread the abundant “good life”; advance by learning nature’s secrets and seeking the best solutions.

Stage 4. Sacrificing self for a transcendent Cause, (secular or religious) Truth, Mission, future reward; laws, regulations, and rules; discipline, character, duty, honour, justice, and moral fibre; righteous living; controlling impulsivity through guilt; following absolutistic principles of right and wrong, black and white; being faithful, maintaining order and harmony; one right way to think/do; convention, conformity.

Stage 3. Power, spontaneity, heroism, immediate gratification; standing tall, calling the shots, receiving respect, and getting attention; being daring, impulsive, and enjoying oneself without regret; conquering, outsmarting, dominating.

Stage 2. Allegiance to chief, elders, ancestors, and the clan; obeying the desires of spirit beings and mystical signs; preserving sacred objects, places, events, and memories; rites of passage, seasonal cycles, and tribal customs; kinship and lineage.

Stage 1. Food, water, warmth, sex, and safety; the use of habits and instincts for survival

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