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What people are saying about Happiness – Who Wants It?


Socrates said ‘Know Thyself’ – this is a great book to help us do just that!. F.S.


A book every mother should read before she considers having children. C.M.


This book has changed my life, everyone should read it. P.B.


Happiness – Who Wants It. What’s it about?
Part One:
Helps us understand through biological, neurobiological and psychotherapy research, how the so called normal parental behaviours by our parents or caregivers unwittingly create dominant, controlling, fearful, anxious, joyful, empathic, aloof etc. behaviours when we grow up. By becoming aware of the possible whys of our behaviours and choosing to change such behaviours, both for our benefit and for those of our children, we move ourselves and them towards happier lives.
Written in layman’s language with many short case history examples, it makes for an easy read.
Part Two:
Helps us understand those actions and behaviours which raise our awareness as to what we are doing that is holding us back in life, many of which are staring us in the face, only we can’t see them. Written in A to Z format, from half a page to four pages in length, we can choose the topics that interest us.

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By Mr. D. J. Ahern on 26 Aug 2013

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this is a fantastic book..I have read many on childhood and found this to be the most useful so it is not over complicated and really gets you thinking about your own story..It is also very practical and not obsessive about the past more just interested in it for the why our present came to be the way it is with many examples and case histories.It is sub divided into 3 parts with very practical exercises..i found this read really liberated me and so productive…I have told all my friends about it.

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Format: Paperback This an excellent book! In the book Colin Mills has analysed the causes of so much misunderstanding, disagreements and anger that seems to be everywhere today. He then suggests ways in which these difficulties can be understood and handled effectively. I liked the book because it was easy to read and understand, never the less it communicates profound insights in to the, “human condition” which can lead to, “Happiness”

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