Colin was bought up in Durban, South Africa, in a comfortable middle class family. At the age of 20 he went overseas to London to enjoy the so called high life, only he woke up to the fact there was a real world out there other than the world of palm trees and pina-coladas that he had been brought up in. ‘I realised what an emotional and mental f*** up I was but at the same time I knew that this was not me – that there was far more to me than the emotional disaster I was looking at!  I decided that I would sort myself out and try to find who I really was’

Returning home the first thing he found at the age of 22 was Scientology and became a devoted cultee, doing their counsellor training course in South Africa and  returning to England to work as a counsellor for them. Ten years later they ceremoniously threw him physically out the door for being a ‘suppressive person’.

‘Scientology taught me some worthwhile stuff’, he says ‘but when you are trapped in a cult it’s difficult to see the wood from the trees – thank goodness I was able to see it for what it was – pity it took so long for me to wake up!’.

Colin then went to work for an Arab construction company at their head office in Athens as a Cost Engineer for 3 years where he met his English wife to be.   They returned to England where he moved into property development but after a year and a half  the marriage fell apart and he returned to South Africa where he started his own properly development company, which was very successful.

In 1994 he experienced a major Peak Experience (the story of which is covered in the video Peak Experiences) which took him to America to try to unravel and understand it, where, after he had made sense of it, was offered a job to work in the same organisation that had allowed him to understand it. He took up the offer and moved to America, working as a counsellor/life coach dealing with other’s Peak Experiences.

During that time he was introduced to the works of Alice Bailey and after seven years of being in America he returned to England and studied Psychosynthesis which has a indirect link to the teachings of Alice Bailey, becoming a qualified Transpersonal Psychotherapist in 2008.

Working as a psychotherapist and using all his earlier counselling learning he wrote ‘Happiness – who wants it’, as well as starting the Whatmakesyoutick web page which initially helped parents understand themselves so they could be better parents, and which has now moved on to help people have a deeper understanding of the human psyche.During this period he found the works of Lucille Cedercrans and became totally immersed in the teachings of Applied Wisdom.

The new Whatmakesyoutick webpage is the product of all these teachings along with his insights gained in Peak Experiences and in meditation.


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